Siphon Number Two

We have established our second siphon on the Waultx/BNB pair in the vault on

Yieldwatch does not have eleven vaults on their app, so you can use the following link to check on the siphon:

We added 810,473 Waultx and 76 BNB to the siphon, starting it off with 7680 LPs so all additional LPs when the siphon runs in 2 weeks will be counted as “yield”.

Like the FTS/BNB Siphon, this one is also setup on the same multisig wallet.
On the topic of the multisig, we have added a member of the community, @Waterloo69 (MVP) to the multisig and moved the number of signatures required up to 3, we will add two more community members over the next few days and increase the number of signatures needed to 4 to keep the funds as secure as possible.

We have also sent the LPs with the initial SPHN liquidity from pcs and HyperJump to the multisig wallet where they can only be moved through team and community approval.

We’re only just getting started! NFT dividend pools coming this week in preparation for the first Siphon calls, AMA for BSCgemz coming wednesday, and much much more!

Can’t wait to show you all the things we have in store.
Peace, Love and “Moo”



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