We have successfully completed our Private Presale for the people who have been waiting patiently in our telegram since we started building.
your support has been astonishing!
We sold out our 15k tokens at $12 each in 20 minutes, raising 312 BNB! ($180k value at time of raise)
This week we have started marketing, with adds and AMA’s on your favorite channels and websites, check out this recap of our AMA on BSCtimes: https://bsctimes.com/siphon-finance-ama-recap/
Coming up next we have our Main presale and token Launch!

This Thursday at 2pm UTC we will be selling 25k Tokens for $13 each the sale will be in BNB and we will provide the link on our telegram before the sale goes live at t.me/siphonfinance After the Sale has completed we will be adding 8k tokens and $120k to liquidity for the SPHN/BNB pair (listing price of $15) and will distribute the SPHN token to all holders of SRT (siphon receipt token) at a rate of 1:1 by airdrop.

Dont Forget to join Madcow and Bob #BSC at 5pm UTC today (wednesday 19th of May) for our AMA at https://t.me/bscgemz Hosted by Geoff Bonez where we will be answering more questions from the community.

Also if you have not seen it one of our Siphon Scientists Bob #BSC is doing a giveaway on his twitter to celebrate the launch of Siphon Finance and our AMA at BSCgemz, he is giving away $250! check it out here: https://twitter.com/Bobwallet93/status/1393936991872507907

Stay Tuned because we have lots of giveaways and other fun things coming in the next few day!!

  • “Moo” -MadCow

Siphon Finance creates a liquidity siphon through yield aggregators that continually buys back SPHN to add to liquidity