Presale Rescheduled

Good morning fellow Cryptonians,
After a discussions held in our telegram over the past day, The Siphon Scientists have come to the decision to briefly delay the presale and launch of our SPHN token.

Those who bought the private sale can feel secure knowing their investment is maintaining a stable price of $15 on listing so with the market crashing your SPHN investment is basically a stablecoin until we launch. If we launch in a poor market we risk people cashing out their SPHN investments to switch to stables or using the presale to “make a quick buck” in a red market.

We will put the sale on pause and update everyone on Monday when we see what the market does over the weekend. In the mean time the team will keep building and marketing and working away until the telegram group seems to overall agree we should proceed with launch.

Thank you all for your patience and your support,
Don’t be scared guys, it’s a bad dip but it’s not the bear market yet, we have another leg up coming soon and we will ride SPHN to the top very soon.

Peace, Love and Moo



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