Introducing Siphon Finance

Siphon Finance works by creating a “liquidity siphon” on a yield aggregator platform by using the yield of high apy vaults to buyback tokens and lock liquidity on a bi-weekly basis.

Siphon presale funds would be used to provide liquidity to solid projects with high yield, that yield would be collected from the vault bi-weekly to allow 2 weeks of compounding and maximize siphoned funds. from that yield 55% would go towards providing SPHN/BNB liquidity, (27.5% used to buyback SHPN and 27.5% used to buy BNB) 20% will stay in the vault and continue to compound, (may be used to create secondary siphons on other vaults in future) 10% will be divided between Siphon NFT holders who meet required criteria, (see NFT section to follow) 5% is used to buyback SPHN and burn it forever, 5% is used to buy BNB and sent to the treasury wallet for project funding, (ama’s audits etc) and 5% is sent to the developer wallet for continued project development.


presale target: 40k tokens @ $12.50 per token = $500k

Fund distribution:

  • $180k from presale used to buy $90k [TBA token] and $90k bnb and make LP’s and placed into vault [vault selection to be revealed soon] (tokens timelocked to allow removal with 24hour warning in case vault moves or needs to be changed)
  • $150k from presale used for initial liquidity and placed into vault for SHPN/bnb pair with 10k SPHN tokens (starting price $15) giving us a starting liquidity total of $300k (tokens will be timelocked in vault to continue growing indefinitely)
  • 170k from presale used for team and project development, hiring devs, audits, marketing etc

with presale target reached:
our “liquidity siphon” would be siphoning ~1.5% per day from 180k in [TBA-vault] so bi-weekly with compounding we should yield over $40k so from that, $2000 would buyback SPHN and burn it forever. $11000 would buyback SPHN to add to liquidity, $11000 would buy BNB to add to liquidity, $8000 would continue compounding in the vault, $4000 would be split between max 20 Siphon NFT holders who meet requirements, $2000 would buy BNB and be sent to treasury, $2000 for developers.


100k max total

40k presale + 6k bonus
8k Dev fund locked in 4k and 4k 1 month and 3 months
18k treasury for things like listings and paying for external services
10k locked in liquidity
3k staking pool for IFO partner
14.5k (phase 2) TBA LOCKED 30 days
500 giveaways

NFT’s :

Siphon NFT’s will be sent to the top 20 presale investors who purchase 200 tokens or more.

if you continue to hold the 200 tokens and the NFT you will be sent an equal portion of 10% of the siphon divided between the others who also meet the requirements. (approximately $400 monthly to start, growing with every siphon)

*it is possible to sell your NFT in an NFT market, but the person buying it will need to hold 200+ SPHN in order to qualify to receive a share of the siphon



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