First Siphon is up!

We have established the first Siphon on the FTS/BNB pair on jetswap.

we invested 75 BNB and 7480 FTS ($60k total) into Jetswap LP’s currently earning WINGS token at 1.54% daily. from this pair we should earn around $1k per day which will be compounded daily into a WINGS staking pool until the biweekly siphon runs.

The LP’s were added to the Jetswap masterchef contract from our multisig wallet address: 0xad93D7829723F163861AccfAc6371beBC8e6571c

until we have our stats page setup you can follow the yield of the siphons using yield watch by going to and typing our multisig wallet address into the search bar.

The multisig is currently setup on which provides safe, binance backed multisig wallets that need approvals from multiple wallets to process transactions.

We will soon be including 3 community members on the multisig which will require 4 signatures for each transaction so trusted community members will be required to approve all transactions made by this wallet, which will hold all of the siphons, the treasury tokens, and the SPHN liquidity LP’s safely from any one, two, or even 3 people, 4 people comprised of team and community will be required to approve all transactions of this wallet.

Stay tuned for another update very soon with our second siphon and more!

Peace, Love, and “Moo”



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