Announcement regarding public presale

The date is set! Friday 28 May 2021

After our brief delay to allow the markets to heal we are back and ready to rock. To make sure everyone has enough warning and let the markets come back a bit more we have decided this coming Friday will be the day of the sale. We will begin at 4pm UTC, link will be provided ahead of time.

In the same fashion as the private sale we will be selling $SRT (siphon receipt token) and once the presale has concluded we will add liquidity to both Pancakeswap and Hyperjump then distribute the SPHN tokens 1:1 to all wallets holding SRT from the presale.

You can move your SRT to a different wallet if required, the wallets holding the SRT when we add liquidity will be the ones receiving the SPHN.

Upon completion of the presale we will open 3 staking pools, staking SPHN for more SPHN, staking SPHN for BTCB and staking SPHN for (a surprise token). Governance will also be live right away at where anyone holding more than 0.1 SPHN can make proposals immediately after distribution. The NFT pools will come shortly after, before the first siphon runs and the dividends start being distributed.

Once the presale has concluded we will also be starting up 2 siphons right off the bat and investing 120k into each so they can start earning yield in preparation for the first “siphon run” 2 weeks later which will start the automatic liquidity and burning and dividend payments!

Stay tuned, we have an exciting announcement about the first of many new farming partnerships coming right away in the first few days :D

See you all Friday at 4pm UTC!
Peace, Love and “moo”



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